Cats of Durban is an initiative to help the feral and stray cats of Durban.  


The cats of Durban are having a hard time at the moment.  Our association is aimed at sterilizing cats to prevent unwanted kittens.  This will solve most problems that we are currently experiencing with stray



Our ultimate aim is to make sure that cats are cherished, wanted, and sought-after, especially our ferals and strays.


If you would like information, advice, or help with sterilizing your cats, please contact any of the numbers on our Contacts page.  And please look at our FAQ's to answer any of your questions.

Too many cats?

​Most of our current problems with cats are because of too many unwanted kittens.  Cats of Durban is concentrating ONLY on cat sterilizations until we have managed to bring down the population of stray and feral cats to a manageable level.  If you have a different cat problem, there are other organisations that can perhaps help.  You will find their details under INFORMATION.​




Cats of Durban is staffed entirely by volunteers, who do this work out of love for animals.  We do this work at our own cost and in our own time, and any money that is donated is used solely for paying vets to do sterilizations.  We have many selfless donors, and we have many co-workers. 


Cats of Durban





There are many wild cats, stray cats and feral cats in Durban who

do a sterling job of keeping the city clear of rats and other vermin (including cockroaches), and their presence repels snakes.  They also create quite a tourist attraction in many places in our city:  there are some hotels and businesses where the clients return to visit the cat!


This site is meant to encourage businesses and individuals to adopt and care for their stray and feral colonies.  We are a team of people who will help with sterilization, advice and care.


It also gives information and progress on cat projects, supplies links for information on ferals and strays, and gives updates on the work of the organisations in Durban who look after feral and stray cats.

Cats of Durban


Cats of Durban is about..... the cats of Durban


Please click on the photograph above to see a video of our work!

​We are going to be at the
I Heart Market!
Please come and see our stand and visit us at the famous I Heart Market next to the Moses Mabhida Stadium.  All our cat goodies will be on sale and you can meet with us.  All our sales go towards sterilizing feral cats.  Our cats are a vital part of our sustainable urban environment, and they are a bio-friendly means of vermin control.

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